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Mbody 3 product is designed as a comprehensive tool for individual athletes, training centers, research, clinics, physios, and teams. With Mbody 3 you get to see what happens in your muscles during training; which muscle groups work properly in correct activation order or if there are imbalances that may become harmful or lead to injury.

Mbody 3 product consists of following:

  • MCell 3 is a small, lightweight and easy to use the device with EMG and inertial sensory
  • Mbody 3 shorts measure data from hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes.
  • Mbody Live 3 is the mobile app (free of charge) for field monitoring with simple biofeedback data
  • Muscle Monitor 3 is Windows software with versatile measurement, analysis, and feedback features

Mbody 3 Features include:

  • Training zones base on individually tested Muscular Fatigue Threshold MFT)
  • Muscle loading distribution
  • Muscle imbalance detection and relaxation
  • Activation order
  • Technique analysis
  • and much more …

Properly used, your Mbody data may help you assess, evaluate and spot a risk of injury.

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MCell 3

 Wireless EMG measurement device

– Bluetooth low energy technology

– ARM Cortex-M3 processor

– 9-axis IMU (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer)

– Online and recording modes

– Averaged EMG 25 Hz data

– Memory capacity ~30 hours

– Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

– USB connectivity

– Splash resistant

– Size: ~62 x 38 x 15 mm

– Weight: ~28 g



MShorts 3

EMG smart clothing

– Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Glutes muscles

– Comfortable textile electrodes

– Fully machine washable at 30°C

– High-tech compression textile by Carvico Revolutional®



– Spray bottle

– USB cable

– Washing bag

– Quick guide


Software’s and applications

 Mbody Live 3 App mobile app (get it free from App Store)

Muscle Monitor 3 software (software license is paid separately)

Scalable to meet customer needs. If your application requires more than 6 measurement channels or other measurement points, please contact support@myontec.com

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The technology integrated in Myontec Mbody measures the electrical activity of the muscles (EMG, electromyography). Myontec Mbody is the first product to utilise this technology in real-time sports performance analysis, regardless of the environment or the type of sport. Our technology is validated at scientific level, tested, proven and used by top level sports institutions & universities from around the world. In Myontec we want to bring this unique technology to everyday sport enthusiasts, to help you understand your human machine and perform at the top of your game.