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Introducing Mbody 3, the next generation of muscle activity monitoring and performance analysis for elite athletes and the coaches, trainers, and sports science professionals who help them perform at their highest level.


Mbody was created and developed by Myontec Finland. Myontec’s patented technology is scientifically validated, proven and utilized extensively by sports scientists and healthcare professionals around the globe. Mbody 3 is at the forefront of wearable performance analysis technologies, taking EMG (electromyography, the electrical activity of muscle tissue) out of the lab and putting it into the hands of pro athletes, sports teams, coaches, trainers and physiotherapists, giving them direct access to a new and deeper level of understanding of muscle behavior.

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The more you train. The more you know.


Mbody 3 captures and delivers precise muscle activity feedback in real-time. If you’re not performing at the top of your game, Mbody 3 will help you determine why.

In the past, utilizing Electromyography (EMG) in competitive sports environments was difficult due to time-consuming prep and often resulted in unreliable data. But thanks to Myontec’s pioneering spirit and its experienced team of sports scientists, software engineers, and Olympic-level athletes, Mbody 3 now brings reliable, comfortable and easy-to-use muscle activity monitoring and performance analysis to the field of play for even the most demanding sports.

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From proper muscle activation order to specific muscle thresholds, you’ll have all the information you need to optimize your training quality. Whether you are wanting to maximize the results of your training or maintain a steady rehab regimen, determining your appropriate training intensity is vital to your overall performance success. The key is to balance your muscle load and cardiac output.

Mbody 3 muscle activation measurements are the most accurate biosignal for determining and monitoring training load.  It’s also much faster and more convenient in relation to blood lactate level measurements. Together with Heart Rate and Power data, you’ll get the most comprehensive info on your performance.

Leaner, meaner and smarter than ever, Mbody 3 advances and simplifies muscle activity monitoring at the same time.

The key to skating fast is to only ever skate with one foot on the ground at a time. During the movement the free leg is supposed to be relaxed. In our summer training camp, we were using Mbody to observe the flaws in relaxation and changed performance technique to make sure that the process is carried out properly. At the same time the movements became cleaner. The next step is to transfer what we have learned on the ice.

Tuomas Nieminen

Former professional speed skater who represented Finland in 2010 Vancouver winter Olympics.

“When I was a rider I always had problems when I was going up a hill straight from the start and I wasn’t warm enough…with this shorts we can actually know how much each rider should be doing the warm up before he goes to the race.”

Kjell Carlström

Sporting Director, IAM Cycling