Behind the Finnish company Myontec there is an international and versatile team of professionals who have gained success in Olympic level sports, and in the field of software engineering, university and research. Our aim is not to replace any traditional methods, but to bring a new perspective in monitoring and analyzing the performance – measuring directly the muscular system – tools to Know Your Muscles.

In Myontec we believe that muscle measurement will have an impact on training and the developing of workouts that will be even greater than the one accomplished by heart rate monitoring only. We offer a new step forward: the combination of both outputs. In addition, we want you to take part in developing all of this even further. That is why we hope to hear from you. Your questions, problems, ideas, enhancement proposals and thoughts are significant to us.

There are many fields of application for Myontec’s innovation –a countless amount–, therefore this is not limited only to exercise and sports. For instance: rehabilitation, ergonomics, gaming industry, medicine, and even military and space industry are potential sectors for our technology.

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