Muscle Monitor software is created and designed to suit the needs of professionals who are searching for deeper knowledge and accuracy. Myontec Muscle Monitor is your personal magnifying glass inside human machine. Complete breakdown of human biosignals allows you to conduct the most accurate and objective analyses of performance and biomechanics giving you the keys for further advancement and evolvement.


The technology integrated in Myontec Mbody measures the electrical activity of the muscles (EMG, electromyography). Myontec Mbody is the first product to utilise this technology in sport performance analysis, regardless of the environment or the type of sport. Our technology is validated at scientific level, tested, proven and used by universities, high level training centres and top level sports organisations from around the world.


Problem detection

“Problem detection” is collection of features which very easily and quickly give an assessment of trainee’s muscular status. We use “traffic light analogy” to categorize the problem level. For example, if Left/Right balance is within +/- 4,5% range the bar graphs are green and if the balance difference is larger the color changes first to yellow (within +/- 7%) and then to red (outside +/- 9%). Similar logic is in use with other parameters too e.g. for relaxation level.

Muscle fatigue threshold

By detecting “Muscle fatigue threshold (MFT)” the Muscle Monitor gives you specific zones to focus your training on muscles. After simple test protocols the software calculates muscular threshold at which your muscles are performing optimally with regard to your current condition. When you train within different zones you improve your performance on each level: basic, speed and maximum endurance. You can define specific threshold for each discipline (running and cycling) separately or conduct simple “General MFT Test”. The MFT also provides you with progress monitoring over time when you repeat the test regularly

Multiplayer monitoring

”Multi player monitoring” enables you to monitor simultaneously 3 players in real time with Muscle Monitor. You can start recording of 3 MCells and configure th e Muscle Monitor display with monitored curves and values side by side.



When the Markers are used to separate sections within an exercises (e.g. Laps) the “Comparison” feature enables you to compare results between selected Marker points. Compared result options are Averaged Muscle Load, Heart Rate, Cycling Power, Cumulative Muscle Load or ‘Averaged Muscle group loading group by group.


With “Follow-up” feature you can compare different training exercises to each other to see if there is any progress or trend that needs to be taken into account in training program. You can draw charts selecting parameters both on X- and Y-axis’ e.g. Averaged Muscle Load vs. Heart Rate and thus seeing your efficiency at various phases.


Ensure your free 14-day trial of Muscle Monitor by sending us your contact information. After receiving your contact information we will provide you with a download link and a license key. Your 14-day free trial begins once you have successfully downloaded and installed Muscle Monitor v2.1. Your trial will end automatically after 14 days.

*Note that Muscle Monitor v2.1 is only compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 and cannot be used without Mbody product kit.


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