Myontec Mbody offers a new perspective to rehabilitation processes by providing you with the tool to examine muscle activity during different type or phases of activity. Mbody provides you with muscle-group specific data both in real-time monitoring and post analysis and grants you with the ability to evaluate performance across different stages and conditions.


“Myontec Mbody helps to quantify and monitor the muscular condition, as well as to control its evolution until an injury is recovered and the muscles are back to their pre-injury condition.”

Dr. Antonio Turmo

MD in Medicine and surgery, Sports medicine specialist., Medical department of RCD Espanyol of Barcelona, CAR High Performance Center of Sant Cugat

“Myontec Concept is an excellent tool for a trainer who in addition to performance ability wants to explore what happens in muscles during training and in competition situations and how and which muscles are strained in sport performances. I recommend to explore and experiment as there is now available a totally new dimension for the development of training methods and periods.”

Timo Vuorimaa

Principal Lecturer R&D , Haaga-Helia University Of Applied Sciences

“There are many excellent devices to measure heart rate and vascular functions. However, there hasn’t been any applicable, easy to use and reliable system to measure muscle activity, especially in field and during the most strenuous activities. Not until today. Myontec`s Mbody is an excellent addition for modern sports coaching. Measuring muscle activity gives huge value to everyday analysis, coaching and training; coach and athlete can get crucial information about muscle contraction levels, intensity and recovery during the exercise.”

Tapio Korjus

Director of Kuortane Olympic Training Centre

“Myontec smart clothing technology has given us a new way to expand the analysing and research of lower limb patients. In addition to visual observation, the muscle level bio feedback helps to perceive the problems related to motion and movement. Especially, the finding of the solution models connected to muscle balance has been broader. The emg feedback also enables the verifying of results. By affecting the biomechanics of the joint angles, it is possible to require varying muscle signal data. On the other hand, this also means that the standardizing of the testing requires careful attention. In the monitoring of rehabilitation, after a trauma or operation, Mbody Solutions can give excellent “inside” information on the different stages of the healing process consistent to the rehabilitation protocol.”

Mika Rouhiainen

Account Manager, Respecta Oy, part of Otto Bock Group