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Use of Mbody Pro in collecting and analyzing data in an actual training environment opens up a new dimension in objective muscular performance monitoring. Feedback from Mbody answers the questions of what is happening with muscles during the game or training, how muscles are behaving under different conditions and where the majority of observed injuries occur.


The real-time and post-exercise analysis provides coaches and players with the tool to measure, monitor and analyze performance.  Inside data allows you to target and optimize your technique, define and gain better control over recovery processes and to detect and prevent problems, such as imbalances and deviations, in your muscular system.


Myontec sensor technology measures and records EMG data from the biggest muscle groups. Combined with different biosignals such as heart rate, cadence, speed, power and many more you get the most complete performance analysis there is and thereby gain total control of your human machine. Knowing your muscles and how they are affected by different circumstances allows you to improve your technique according to your physical needs and add the ultimate value to the training and coaching.

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Whether you are a top athlete in a team or an individual, an active enthusiast or an ordinary fitness hobbyist, your body needs regular care. One of the key targets is to prevent injuries to occur.

Hamstring injuries are common in athletes participating in many sports and are very difficult to treat and rehabilitate. Track and field athletes are particularly at risk, as hamstring injuries have been estimated to make up 29% of all injuries in sprinters. In endurance sports, the continuous overloading or insufficient technique often results in long-lasting limitations in performance. Also sudden, reactive motions in team sports raise the risk of injuries. The biceps femoris long head is at the most risk for injury, possibly due to its reduced moment of knee and hip flexion as compared to the medial hamstrings. Insufficient warming or low use of glute muscles or incorrect activation order are typical factors in training.

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Problem Detection


By using Mbody 3 Problem Detection features the early signs of symptoms can be detected giving advice and time to react before any harm is encountered. With Mbody 3 biofeedback you can monitor real-time the muscle activations and retrain your muscles back to normal condition.

After having an injury or surgery, the Mbody 3 shorts are the excellent tool to manage the rehab intensity and improve the efficiency. Being able to measure muscle imbalances and weakness on the hurt leg is crucial to successful rehab.

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Monitor performance


Well, no athlete is invincible. After all, history has shown us that records were meant to be broken. But with Mbody 3 you’ll have the most advanced and comprehensive muscle activity monitoring and performance analysis system available today – meaning there’s nothing standing between you, your muscles and the winner’s podium.

The Mbody 3 summary display presents muscle activity measurement data visually. By simplifying performance data, coaches and trainers have faster access to and better control over the athlete’s neuromuscular and cardiovascular systems.

The Mbody 3 EMG data display allows you to easily compare average muscle load with heart rate, as well as speed and elevation to help you evaluate the interaction between physiological and environmental factors.

Mbody 3 helps you do a lot more than set training goals. It displays whether or not you actually achieve your training goals and details the quality of your performance.

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Muscle distribution


Remove the unknowns from your workout and rehabilitation regimen with the new Mbody 3 training quality features. With the ability to assess key muscle activation dynamics, or detect problems like hyperactivation, it’s now easier than ever to prepare for your workout, prevent injuries and rehab faster.

Mbody 3 displays in real-time which targeted muscle groups are fired when you move, as well as their respective activation order and loading intensity. The Mbody 3 Balance and Ratio display allow you to visually identify potential problems like muscle weaknesses, muscle balance deviations, and poor muscle activation-relaxation dynamics. It also helps you monitor and manage the impact of intensity, fatigue and biomechanical factors on the muscle loading.