Scientific validations

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Myontec technology has been validated and scientifically proven. Here is a selected list of published validation and scientific articles with the details.


Ph.D. Thesis
Reduced Muscle Inactivity, Sedentary Time and Cardio-Metabolic Benefits – Effectiveness of a One-Year Family-Based Cluster Randomized Controlled TrialPesola Arto16.12.2016University of Jyväskylä
Functional Movement Screen – Aspects of ValidityKornelius Kraus21.6.2016The Universität der Bundeswehr München
Estimation of physiological loading during exercise and normal daily lifeOlli Tikkanen1.10.2014University of Jyväskylä
International Opponent-reviewed Scientific Articles
Textile Electrodes Embedded in Clothing: A Practical Alternative to Traditional Surface Electromyography when Assessing Muscle Excitation during Functional Movements

Steffi L. Colyer, Polly M. McGuigan2018J Sports Sci Med. 2018 Mar; 17(1): 101–109
Muscle inactivity is adversely associated with biomarkers in physically active adults (Link2)Pesola AJ, Laukkanen A, Tikkanen O, Sipilä S, Kainulainen H, Finni T.2015Med Sci Sports Exerc 47 (6), 1188-1196
Surface EMG of biceps brachii and tibialis anterior muscles in patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease during different settings of deep brain stimulationRissanen SM, Ruonala V, Pekkonen E, Kankaanpää M, Airaksinen O, Karjalainen PA2015Clin Neurophysiol 2015: doi:10.1016 j.clinph.2015.01.021
Exercise for fitness does not decrease the muscular inactivity time during normal daily life (Link2,Link3)Finni T, Haakana P, Pesola AJ, Pullinen T2014Scand J Med Sci Sport 24(1):211-9
EMG, heart rate and accelerometer as estimators of energy expenditure in locomotion (Link2)Tikkanen O, Kärkkäinen S, Haakana P, Kallinen M, Pullinen T, Finni T.2014Med Sci Sports Exerc 46,9: 1831-1839
Muscle inactivity and activity patterns after sedentary-time targeted Randomized Controlled Trial (Link2)Pesola AJ, Laukkanen A, Haakana P, Havu M, Sääkslahti A, Sipilä S, Finni T.2014Sci. Sports Exerc. 46, 11, 2122–2131
Nonlinear EMG parameters for differential and early diagnostics of Parkinson’s diseaseMeigal AY, Rissanen SM, Tarvainen MP, Airaksinen O, Kankaanpää M, Karjalainen PA, Nonlinear2013Front Neur, 2013:4(135)
Muscle Activity and Inactivity Periods during Normal Daily Life (Link2)Tikkanen O, Haakana P, Pesola AJ, Häkkinen K, Rantalainen T, Havu M, Pullinen T, Finni T.2013PlosOne, 8:1:e52228
Novel sEMG parameters for early diagnostics of neurological diseases and agingMeigal AY, Rissanen SM, Tarvainen MP, Ruonala V, Airaksinen O, Kankaanpää M, Miroshnichenko GG., Kuzmina AP., Karjalainen PA2012Journal of Biomedical Technologies 2014:1:2–9
Ventilatory threshold during incremental running can be estimated using EMG shorts (Link2)Tikkanen Olli, Min Hu, Toivo Vilavuo, Pekka Tolvanen, Sulin Cheng and Taija Finni2012Physiological Measurement 33: 603-614.
Measurement of EMG activity with textile electrodes embedded into clothing (Link2)Taija Finni, Min Hu, Pasi Kettunen, Toivo Vilavuo, Sulin Cheng2007Physiological Measurement 28: 1405-1419.
Abstracts Presented at Scientific Congresses
Ergonomia ja työn fyysinen kuormittavuusV.Louhevaara2017
Técnica de pedaleo de ciclistas amateurs a través de la electromiografía . II Congreso Internacional de Optimización del Entrenamiento y Readaptación deportiva. Describing pedaling technique of amateurs cyclist using electromiograpy (EMG).Sola, J. & Rodríguez, J.2015University of Sevilla
Muscle inactivity time is associated with cardio-metabolic biomarkers independent of physical activity15. Pesola, A.J., Laukkanen, A., Tikkanen, O., Sääkslahti, A., Sipilä, S., Kainulainen, H., Finni, T.24-28.6.2014The International 22nd Puijo Symposium, Kuopio, Finland
Muscle Activity During Daily Life in the Older PeopleOlli Tikkanen, Sarianna Sipilä, Anna-Stina Kuula, Arto Pesola, Piia Haakana, Taija Finni Juutinen25.6.2014The International 22nd Puijo Symposium
Muscle inactivity time is associated with cardio-metabolic biomarkers in physically active healthy peoplePesola, A.J., Laukkanen, A., Tikkanen, O., Sääkslahti, A., Sipilä, S., Kainulainen, H., Finni, T.8-11.4.20145th International Congress on Physical Activity and Public Health, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Älyhousut, sykemittari ja kiihtyvyysmittari energiankulutuksen ennustajinaTaija Finni Juutinen, Olli Tikkanen, Salme Kärkkäinen21.3.2014Kuntotestauspäivät, Jyväskylä
Do elite rugby players with repeatedly injured hamstrings demonstrate altered gluteal-hamstring recruitment patterns when sprinting?Brett AN, McGuigan MP26-29.6.201318th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science, Barcelona
Yksilöllinen neuvonta vähentää lihasten inaktiivisuutta toimistotyöntekijöilläPesola A, Laukkanen A, Haakana P, Havu M, Sipilä S, Sääkslahti A, Finni T12-13.6.2013Abstrakti, Liikuntatieteen päivät, Jyväskylä
Yksilöllisellä neuvonnalla saadaan vähennettyä istumatyöntekijöiden lihasten inaktiivisuuttaArto Pesola, Arto Laukkanen, Piia Haakana, Marko Havu, Sarianna Sipilä, Arja Sääkslahti, Taija Finni6-7.11.2012Liikuntalääketieteen päivät, Helsinki, Finland
Tailored counseling is effective in decreasing muscle inactivity in sedentary workers. Physical activity and health in work life.Pesola, A.J., Laukkanen, A., Haakana P., Sipilä, S., Sääkslahti, A., Finni, T.21-25.5.2012International PhD course, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark
Muscle activity and inactivity during normal daily life of ordinary peopleArto Pesola, Olli Tikkanen, Piia Haakana, Teemu Pullinen, Sarianna Sipilä, Taija Finni29.6-2.7.2011Puijo Symposium, Kuopio
Sedentary activity time quantified by using muscle activity and heart rate during normal daily living of ordinary peopleFinni T, Haakana P, Romppainen T, Pullinen T.29.6-2.7.2011Puijo Symposium, Kuopio
Exercise does not alter the time in sedentary activities during normal daily life in ordinary peopleFinni T, Haakana P, Romppainen T, Pullinen T.4-7.5.20112nd International Congress on Soldiers’ Physical Performance, Jyväskylä Finland
Energiankulutuksen arviointimenetelmien vertailu: Reisilihasten EMG aktiivisuus, syke ja kiihtyvyys kävelyssä ja juoksussaTikkanen O, Haakana P, Perez G, Pullinen T, Finni T.21.11.2010Liikuntalääketieteen päivät Helsinki
Pääliikuttajalihaksemme ovat inaktiivisia yli 70% ajasta normaalissa päivittäisessä elämässämmeHaakana P, Tikkanen O, Pullinen T, Rantalainen T, Finni T.21.11.2010Liikuntalääketieteen päivät Helsinki
Physical activity and inactivity druing normal daily life quantified using electromyographyFinni T, Haakana P, Tikkanen O, Petrin M, Pullinen T.15.6.201013th World Sport for All Congress, Jyväskylä, Finland
Locomotor muscle activity and inactivity during normal daily life in ordinary peopleFinni T, Haakana P, Tikkanen O, Sipilä S, Pullinen T.29.10.2010Nordic Conference: Interdisciplinary perspectives on health, participation and effects of sport and exercise, Odense, Denmark
Analysis of the aerobic-anaerobic transition during incremental treadmill running with the use of electromyographyTikkanen O, M Hu, T Vilavuo, P Kettunen, P Tolvanen, T Rantalainen, S Cheng, T Finni2008ECSS 9-12.7.2008 Estoril, Portugal
Validity, reliability and feasibility of measuring muscle activity with textile electrodes embedded into clothingT Finni, M Hu, P Kettunen, T Vilavuo, S Cheng2007Taiwan
Invited Scientific Presentations
Muscle monitoring for optimal rehabilitation & sports performancePetri Lehikoinen12-13.11.2014MEDICA Medicine + Sports Conference, Germany
Inactivity epidemiology-What if you didn’t stand up from the chair?Taija Finni21.11.2014International Symposium on Exercise Physiology: Focus on High-Intensity Training and Nutrition
Muscle activity during daily life – how much exercise adds?Taija Finni7.11.2014The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences
Training the right way: New methods and approaches. Wearable muscle monitoring in sports applicationsPekka Tolvanen21.11.2013MEDICA Medicine + Sports Conference, Dusseldorf
Textile electrodes for EMG monitoring in daily-life activitiesTaija Finni18.7.2012International Society of Electromyography and Kinesiology, Pre-congress workshop on Novel Methods in EMG. Brisbane
Textile electrodes for EMG monitoring in daily-life activitiesTaija Finni6-7.11.2012Annual meeting of Finnish society for Sports Medicine, Helsinki, Finland
Load and risk profile for analyzing and developing physical workLouhevaara Veikko, Kähkönen Jukka, Hokkanen Timo17-19.10.2007The Eighth Pan-Pacific Conference on Occupational Ergonomics (PPCOE 2007), Finland Bangkok, Thailand
Reliability of Measuring Lower-Limb Muscle EMG Activity Ratio in Activities of Daily Living With Electrodes Embedded in the Clothing.Bengs, Jeglinsky, Surakka, Hellsten, Ring, Kettunen2017Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Finland, Orton Orthopaedic Hospital and Orton Research Institute, Finland

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